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Violet 05 (Viola Sororia) …the patch
(mixed media on muslin)

violet 05 ...the patch 15x11, acrylic and charcoal on muslin

violet 05 …the patch
15×11, acrylic and charcoal on muslin

notes, quotes and tips
out my backdoor 01 12x9; watercolor

out my backdoor 01
12×9; watercolor

I have seriously liked this painting since I did it back in September of 2014. There is joy and freedom to this one that I really want to portray in my work. There have been others that have come close to capturing the same sense for me and these have all been my most popular posts. These are the works that speak most directly to others.

This kind of direct expression is not an easy journey for me and requires a lot of preliminary work.  I like to call it reaching the point of creative frenzy. I tend to be rather deliberate in the way I approach life, 0ne of those people that tries to get neither too high nor too low.

16B okeeffe