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Botanical Garden 19… back among the native plants

Botanical Garden 19 is about the transition into Autumn on the forest floor. Flowers are becoming seed heads and leaves begin to pile up decaying to become soil again.

I enjoy doing these intimate landscapes and plant portraits from the State of Georgia Botanical Garden. They present challenges in observation and technique and while I am not trying to do botanical illustrations I do look to these for inspiration. I found a nice tutorial from November of 2007 on The Illustrated Garden Val Webb’s studio blog. Here’s a good Pinterest Board to follow if you’re interested in botanical illustration Botanical Illustration Tutorial and Inspiration by Kat White.

Botanical Garden 19 10x10, mixed media (watercolor and charcoal)

Botanical Garden 19
10×10, mixed media (watercolor and charcoal)
You may purchase Botanical Garden 19 for $150 here