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Pansies the bravest flower

I have loved Pansies for the color and texture they bring to the winter landscape. I’ve seen the flowers completely encased after a North Georgia ice storm only to return to full glory the next day and that’s why I call the the bravest of flowers.

I’m continuing with the small format paintings for the close up view they can afford and the freedom to experiment they allow. This painting began with a very loose drawing in gel pin on saturated paper. As the paper dries passes of color were added. When work in this scale I find it helpful to have 2 or more paintings going on at the same time so you are able to move back and forth between them. My next session will deal with the same subject, allowing each to influence the others.

Botanical Garden 32... Pansies 4x6, watercolor

Botanical Garden 32… Pansies
4×6, watercolor
You may purchase Botanical Garden 32… Pansies or $20 here