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Botanical Garden 36… Feeder for the Beaver Pond

As I walked upstream from the Beaver Pond at the Botanical Garden I wanted to stop and take a look back downstream.

Botanical Garden 36... Beaver Pond Feeder Creek 9x12 Watercolor and Graphite

Botanical Garden 36… Beaver Pond Feeder Creek
9×12 Watercolor and Graphite

Botanical Garden 36 drawing 9x12, graphite

Botanical Garden 36 drawing
9×12, graphite

I’ve been thinking about where and how to move on to the next with my work. Generally, I like to have an idea what direction I want to move in and just enjoy the journey to where end up. It’s fun to allow each drawing to lead you onto the next, each painting pushing on to new discoveries.

I want to take the next works I produce and seek to further refine my process, more intimately engage my vision. I’ve been seeking to find a part of each work that becomes the focus. What part of the landscape draws me forward. I want to express the why I return time and again to the land.

David Brooks writes in the New York Times, January 15, 2016 Op-Ed Page When Beauty Strikes

In fact, artists have their biggest social impact when they achieve it obliquely. If true racial reconciliation is achieved in this country, it will be through the kind of deep spiritual and emotional understanding that art can foster. You change the world by changing peoples’ hearts and imaginations.